Bio: A graduate of William Paterson University in Psychology and Biology. I continue my education in a MBA program in University of Phoenix. I pride myself for the struggles that I have gone through and I am here to see the reality in people. Though its not always possible to see the transparency of life, my goal is to see reality, understand it, learn from it and apply it. I want to be active and follow my passion and hobby for studying and cooking. I know this will take me somewhere, though I dont know where just yet. My plan is move forward in a way where I can be remembered and I try as much as I can to achieve that. Bit about my personal life:- In the eyes of many, I am 22 and I can hold a show like I am much older. My life has pushed me towards maturity much earlier than I expected. I come from an Indian family and well I am newly wed and trying to learn the tricks and turns of adulthood. After marriage I moved to New York, the city of lights- and my feelings for New York are indifferent. My ultimate goal in life is to be known and heard and as for many women that is one of the hardest part. I like to go where the life takes me and many times I don’t see the importance of people as I should and due to that I have lost a great deal of followers. “Don’t push yourself so much that you burn out.” That is what I been told by many, the ones who understand me have stuck around others who haven’t have burned out in the sparks that caused the fire. So this blog is a way for me to see the reality of those who have been lost and for those the new ones to come. I want to be positive about life, about people, about myself and I want a courage to move forward everyday. =)

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