Things that change a whole bit in a little time

Especially when you are expecting the least. Many people believe that this happens for the good others think at least we are going some direction.

For me change even the tiniest is a big thing. Like the tattoo that I recently got of my husbands name. 

 Its been couple of days and well this change has a huge impact on me . My husband and I have gone thru  a lot in the recent year and well I havent got use to the reality of the nature of our relationship. Getting a tattoo was a big change and something I didnt expect which what worries me I guess. I can be a risk taker to a point but this time it almost feels uneasy have it there. The idea was to get the tattoos like couples. Having two other tattoos my husband requested I sit first and get the tattoo started so he can see it being done. Thinking that it really doesnt matter who gets it done first I went and well at the start of the second letter my husband decided since I am in pain he will be too. He got up and walked out and he didnt get one done.

Due to that in many ways I feel almost cheated and dont know how to explain to him my feelings about the situation. To me it feels that whenever we come to that edge where we have to make a strong decision together he well decides with me at first and once the decision is in effect he backs out. Am i being naive in this case? Or am i just thinking too much into a subject? 

Whatever the answer maybe the ink is on me forever and its hard to except the idea

It almost breaks my heart to think like this; being so suspective but it feels like I might not be wrong to think that way.


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