Phillips’ Animal Garden

The island with all sun! and no snow! & a lot Iguanas.

It was a joy to travel from almost 10 Degree weather with snow to almost 85 Degree weather. Its enchanting that there is paradise sitting 5 hrs away from the place we call home. its a pretty small island barely even visible on the map; one would have to zoom in a lot to find it on Google maps. Aruba is the island on the southern Caribbean sea, north of the coast of Venezuela. This island is so tiny that with a typical jeep one can travel the island in about 6 hrs. Even though its surrounded by water, on this island its like living in the desert, with the various types of Cacti and all sizes of Iguana.

The white sandy beach and the ruffling salty waters make the island beautiful place to stay for a vacation; there are quite a few attractions all of which are easy to find as you start understanding the roads. With the people being friendly and helpful its easy to travel without hesitation.  The locals population range to about 100,000 with the high turnover tourist rate of over 60%.

There is alot of developing that needs to be done but this is a perfect get away for someone who loves the beach. Time can go by quick and it becomes even more adventurous if you dare to take your own car to travel around the island.


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