Bridging the Gap With Silk Draperies

Like others I agreed , this is a touching post. Having to see such a view on life especially when it happens first hand I have to admit its excruciating and painful. This was the reason I couldn’t put myself in your shoes, the reason I didn’t want to be in healthcare, I couldn’t the pain it came with. Yes, there are times where as professional you see someone succeed and live but when something like this takes place the joy of saving someone goes away.



The privilege that we often take for granted; driving. Driving is something I miss after moving into the  New York City with my husband; people barely drive here. Plus its so crowded and there is barely any space to do anything. Relying on transportation such as a Subway and the buses is something I never thought I would do.

Growing up in New Jersey I got a car at 19 and having a car meant freedom.. lots of freedom. For a college student, that meant you can practically do anything and everything you wanted.

Especially  knowing the struggles that my mother went through. My mother who doesn’t drive because of her fear of getting into accidents but the most important thing she did was she fought to get me that car. Every step I see her struggle to get to work, to get home on time, though she barely works 10 mins away. Even after being in the Americas for 10+ years and being the first one to get the license in NJ, she doesn’t drive. I have tried to be the person who help her learn to drive once again, to get that confidence, but in trying to do that I made her fears come true, we got into a huge accident and she had to pay hard for that. Well after that we stopped completely, no more driving and I still feel I wish I could help her gain the courage. Knowing that she has had a hard life I want to be able to do something for but there I times I feel more helpless than her.


Thank You to Sonya Larose for the idea. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have thought of the whole memory.

Afraid to Drive – Day 57


At 16, I learned how to drive. I thought everyone did. But just because most people learn how to drive, it doesn’t mean that everyone does.

I can’t even imagine not driving. I can’t imagine not having a car. I have never had to wait at a bus stop in the rain, never had to take a cab to work, never had to walk home from the grocery store with bags in tow, and never had to base where I live around the closest bus stop. Driving gives you independence. Freedom.

However, there are many reasons why some people don’t drive. Fear, no car, no license, just to name a few.

I ran into Louise today. We are the same age; fifty-three. She doesn’t drive; never has. She has no desire to. I asked her why. “I’m afraid”, she said.

She was waiting on a ride home after a very…

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For the past few months, I’ve been getting queries with regards to blogging. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I frequently write about blogging and how I find many aspects of it baffling. Still, I suppose, I have reached some sort of a blogging comfort zone. And maybe that shows, which is why people sometimes ask me for advice. I find myself repeating again and again and so, I decided to put together all my wisdom in a post. There are many, many things I don’t do right or often enough or at all. But, I suppose, my greatest achievement is to have created something of continual value, so that when people come in, they find ideas they may find of use. Even that may see difficult to make, so, here are some ways to help you achieve it.

1) Be patient…

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New inspiration.

Starting of the new year like many I set goals, and promising to follow up with them everyday.

Like the goal to start a blog after doing hours of research on where to start I decided and found two places to start blogging but after first few post. I stopped as always and there went my goal out the window.

Earlier today as I was just reading articles and searching for something pass my hours at home I bumped into the blog of Dan Ariely.

After reading about the first ten blogs posts or so-  I decided maybe its time I go back and add one of my own blogs. Here is to Dan Ariely to getting me inspired again.

I often wonder why is it that people, “fall of the wagon”, when it comes to following their new set goals? Like many it happens to me all the time I cant keep myself on a schedule even after wanting to reach the goal. Is it because I am lazy? I have tried numerous ways to keep up with new things but after a while I lose interest.